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QDRO Source is an organization dedicated to assisting the family law bar in the negotiation, drafting, and administration of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. Bridging the netherworld between family law, tax law and pension law, the production of an effective QDRO requires specialized skills and experience. At QDRO Source, we have that skill and experience. 
With the federal preemption embodied in the original provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the principle of non-alienation of benefits quickly became an issue to the bar representing divorcing spouses participating in qualified retirement plans. Very often, a couple's principle asset was the interest in a retirement plan sponsored by one of their employers. The participating spouse's interest was 'locked away' and could not be utilized to divide the marital property estate or to benefit the non-participating spouse. Often the best-case scenario resulted in merely an illiquid division of marital assets.
Congress has provided a procedure, which, to an extent, rectifies the problem. Enter the QDRO. The regimen established in 414 of the Internal Revenue Code allows plan interests to be divided and assigned, but only within the specific parameters provided. At QDRO Source, we have in excess of thirty years experience interpreting and applying tax and retirement plan law. 
Failure to abide by the QDRO provisions can lead to disqualification of an entire plan. Understandably, plan administrators are exceptionally careful in accepting any document purporting to pass as a QDRO. Unless these 'gatekeepers' accept your document, your client will never realize the planned benefit from the division of the plan. At QDRO Source, we speak their language fluently. 
In recent years, the explosion of the economy and proliferation of 401(k) plans has only accentuated the issue.
Why not prepare the Order yourself from a standard form or use a model form from the plan administrator? Virtually any reference on QDROs will include a caveat that the drafting of a QDRO is highly specific and should be approached with caution or the aid of an expert. There are nuances for and against the parties built into any form. If you do not understand the language, how will you recognize them? How will you explain them to your client? At QDRO Source, we do this every day.
At QDRO Source, we:
   Know our business
   Want to earn yours
   Prepare the appropriate order in your client's interest
   Complete our document within three business days
   Negotiate approval/modifications with plan administrators, (may impact completion)
   Review the plan administrators Notice to Parties
   Keep you informed and communicate promptly with you
   Charge a fair, flat fee
   Guarantee your satisfaction

QDRO Source is committed to helping you with the process in a systematic and efficient manner.