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NEVER negotiate your clients’ settlement divisions with incomplete information.

Much too often requests to prepare a QDRO reveal:

  A lack of understanding of the type of benefits provided by the plan
  An expectation of distribution time or method different from that allowed by the plan
  An unidentified (occasionally intentional) retirement plan interest

Early in your representation, identify any retirement plans in which your client’s spouse has an interest:

  Determine the prior employment history of the spouse
  Request information from those employers relating to the spouse’s participation in any retirement plan it sponsored
  Analyze any response from the employers and understand its impact on your client’s share of the marital estate

Very few law offices are staffed to handle this type of discovery, let QDRO Source assist on this task.

Provide QDRO Source with:QDRO Source will:
  Request and Consent to Release Plan Information, Form B (signed by the spouse)
  Employment History Information, Form C, listing the spouse’s employment during the marriage
  Survey each listed employer for active and in-active retirement plan benefits.
  Promptly summarize and report the opposing spouse’s plan interests to you, including coverture analysis.
  Consult with you regarding the appropriate methods of dividing the plan interests for your client.

One more duck in your row, plus peace of mind for $295. Download an Attorney’s Package from our Forms Library for more complete information.