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This service is for individuals not represented by an attorney, family law practitioners please click here.

Bridging the netherworld between family law, tax law, pension law and the ever-lurking Murphy’s Law, the production of an effective QDRO requires specialized skills and experience.  At QDRO Source our only focus is Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. We are equipped to produce the appropriate order for your needs.

This service is for individuals not represented by an attorney and assumes:

  You have an enforceable property division awarding an interest in a retirement plan
  You will be responsible for presenting the final document to all other parties and their attorneys
  You will be responsible for submitting the order, whether agreed or not, to the Court for entry

If your divorce is final or you have negotiated the property division and are ready to complete your QDRO, request QDRO Source to prepare your QDRO immediately.

Please download our Individual Package for more complete information and forms.